Halloween can be a scary time for the wallet! Who really wants to spend money on a costumes the kids will only wear for a couple of hours for one day a year? Well we’ve only went and found 3 of the best, cheap, DIY alternatives! Not only will you save money, but it’s the perfect time to have some fun with the kids while making their own halloween costumes!




Courtesy of Oh Happy Day, learn how to a simple yet effective snail costume!


Step 1: Make the Shell. Crumple up a large section of brown paper. Starting at the corner, begin rolling it. Once you have a nice section begin wrapping it into a shell. Add tape as you go to hold it in place. Repeat until shell is at desired size. Go back with a glue gun and add glue into the shell so it sticks together without tape.

Step 2: Make another half shell and glue the two sides together. Take a square of cardboard and mount it to the shell. Tie ribbon to it to make a backpack.

Step 3: Make the headband. Take a section of brown paper and crumple and roll it until it is stiff and stands on its own. Add styrofoam to the end and then hot glue the other end to the head band. Now you got yourself a bonafide snail




Another from Oh Happy Day, we have found a beautifully unique cloud


Materials Needed: Flour and Water mixture (I like it the same thickness as pancake batter.), Balloons, Paper, Cotton batting or Polyester pillow stuffing, white leotard and tights, white felt.

Step 1: To make the cloud structure we followed this tutorial here. (We think their pillow stuffing looks more cloud-ey than quilt stuffing, but use what you have.) Leave a generous hole at the bottom for the feet to come out, ours was kind of like a skirt.

Step 2: Cut a hole just big enough for the neck, but cut a slit so the head can slide through, then cut arm holes.

Step 3: Line the parts that will be touching the body like the top and around the neck and arm holes with white felt so the costume is comfortable. If you wanted to make the costume a little easier to wear, just make it a little smaller (like 5 balloons instead of 9 balloons)



Unicorns are all the rage right now, so we’re sure a lot of your little ones will be asking to go as one. Luckily we have a really simple DIY costume for you to make!

Firstly, dress them in plain white or pastel pyjamas. Then collect 3 different colours of knitting yarn, cut it into even lengths (6-12 inches should be fine). Tie all the lengths together so they are secure – and you’ve got yourself a tail! Tuck it into the waistband of your trousers.

Cut smallers lengths for the mane (3-6 inches) and hot glue it all over the hood!

Finally for the horn, get a piece of A4 card and roll it into a cone shape. Let your little one decorate it however they want (glitter is always a popular option). Cut a small hole on either side of the cone and thread an elastic band through them, and that should secure it to their head – and there you have it! You’re very own unicorn!






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