• What was the inspiration behind the Glamorous Fitness theme?


Glamorous fitness was inspired by the increasing sport luxe trend and it was a great opportunity for us to introduce a new customer to the brand as it breaks away from our romantic prints and girly designs. We wanted something a little more casual than past seasons, but still keeping the signature A-Dee sparkles and extras.



  • What makes the Glamorous Fitness so different from the other three themes?


We’ve used comfortable and airy, sporty fabric so your little fitness fanatic can be as active as possible. Of course, we need to keep the outfits glamorous, so we’ve accessorised with pom-poms, sequins and embroidery.



  • Why did you choose the sunflower as the basis of the Sunflower theme?


Because it’s big, bold and beautiful! We’ve even added a few sparkly bees in there for some extra fun.



  • What makes Sunflower so unique?


The bright sunshine yellow colour we’ve used is unlike anything we’ve done before. We’ve also matched perfect photo prints with bright white, and have contrasted that with the dark centre of the sunflower – as well as introducing some new and exciting accessories! We wanted to create a theme that was perfect for Easter. Yellow is the go-to colour for Easter outfits and we are thrilled with how well it all came together.



  • Waterlily Love definitely feels like an A-Dee classic already – why did you decide to go with this theme?


We’ve always loved the classic, beautiful pink tones, but have added gorgeous hand-painted Waterlily artworks to keep in line with the theme.



  • This is a larger than usual theme – why so many pieces?


We just couldn’t stop creating amazing dresses and sets for this theme! As you can see, the result is an awesome selection of perfectly matching outfits! We decided to try our first denim capsule consisting of dungarees cropped jeans and jacket – we thought “what better way to try it than to do it all our pretty pinks?”. The response has been fab to these pieces!



  • Peace & Love is throwing us right back to the 60’s – what inspired this theme?


It was mainly the famous Paisley Pattern! From there, we have included all manners of shapes and that work brilliantly together to create fun and funky outfits that will jump out of the wardrobe.


What can we expect to see in Peace & Love?

There are great options for outfits including skirt, and short sets, matched with a very cool bomber jacket, a cracker of a summer playsuit and cute summer dresses. Obviously, we had to add some additional sparkle to the party and this is done with prints and applications including our favourite artwork of the old VW van!

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