Many of us spend most of the year looking forward to Summer; imagining all of the things we’ll get up to in the sun. However, there’s no escaping the fact that most of the time the weather isn’t too great. So, it’s important to be prepared for the worst case scenario and have some great activities on hand to get up to with the kids to prevent the inevitable bickering from breaking out due to the boredom of being stuck inside. We’ve decided to share some of our favourite indoor activities to get up to in Summer that both you and the kids can enjoy.


There’s nothing better than spending time baking with the kids. Not only are you teaching your children a valuable life skill but, best of all, you all get to indulge yourselves afterwards!

There are plenty of straightforward and (most importantly) delicious recipes online which you can try with your little ones such as chocolate chip cookies or mug cake. If you have slightly older kids, then you could even try some more advanced recipes such as homemade bread or doughnuts.

2.Indoor Treasure Hunt

Get your thinking caps on mums & dads! Your kids will love this one, and it’s something that all the family can be involved in. Simply hide some toys or treats around the house, create a list of the items and make up some clues as to where the items are hidden. This will also give you an opportunity to unleash your creativity when deciding where to hide the items and writing the clues.

Remember, the more tricky you make it, the longer they will be kept busy. Just make sure you don’t make it too difficult, as you don’t want the kids to lose motivation and give up mid-way.

3.Movie Day

It doesn’t get much simpler than this, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable. You can all get cosy on the sofa, get the snacks ready and watch a film or binge watch a series. You could even set up a home cinema to get into the mood even more.

If you have more than one child, they may want to watch different things. However, the chances are it will end up pouring it down quite a few times during the holidays, so there will likely be a number of opportunities to watch some Netflix.

4.Have a Tea Party

We all know how wild our little one’s imaginations can be, so why not let them host their own little tea party! You can use plastic cups, plates & cutlery (we don’t want any accidents!) and have them set the table up. You could even invite their friends round, or just have a good old fashioned teddy bear tea party!

Get a jug of water or juice and help your little one pour her guests some “tea”. For older kids, under your supervision, could even have some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

You may even want to combine this with our first idea idea and bake some biscuits or cookies to enjoy!

5.Build A Den

I’m sure we can all remember doing this as kids, and how much fun we had. There’s nothing more cosy than lying in a den build out of the sofa cushions, chairs, clothes rack with a blanket draped over the top while listening to the rain pelting down on the roof.

What’s more, building a den is 3 times the fun: firstly there is building it… then there’s playing in it with cuddly toys and snacks… and finally there is the guided tours for parents. This means that the kids will be kept busy for hours, and the will not likely need too much supervision either.

Hopefully you and your kids have a great time doing some of these activities during the inevitable cold and rainy days during the holidays!

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